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Back to School - Starting College & University Essentials

Back to School - Starting College & University Essentials

Packing up for another year in college? We suggest you create a checklist using this Back to School – Starting College & University Essentials glossary of things we have carefully prepared. Like your mother, we too would like to help you in your preparation for college.



So feel free to rewrite this on your clipboard and let the packing begins! 


Back to School – Starting College & University Essentials Glossary:




Adhesive page markers. You may call it sticky notes or post-it, these adhesive page markers will make studying much more efficient. It will help your photographic memory because it’s easier for your brain to register colors and it automatically draw brain maps on your notes. Use different colors for key topic points for easy mind mapping.


Backpack/Messenger bag. Carry all your textbooks and your laptop across campus in comfort and style. There are a variety of bag options ranging from a backpack, messenger bag, rucksack, and laptop bag.



Binders & Notebooks. Every student has their own way of keeping their notes organized. Whether it's paper or digital, they will still need a binder\folder for notes compilation and subject division.


Calculator. Throughout life – most especially school life - a calculator is essential. Pick a calculator that can do the job required for your course or syllabus. There are quite a lot of options: general calculator, graphing calculator, and a scientific calculator. It’s pretty useful for your math subjects and even just for budgeting your monthly finances.


USB Flash drive. Even with the convenience of free cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, a modern-day student will still need a USB flash drive for saving backups and transporting work.



Highlighters. Highlighters, the same as adhesive page markers, are certainly a must-have. It makes the most essential information and notes stand out in every page of your reviewer.


Index cards. Using index cards is an effective way to help you retain information. You can create your own flashcards, have your friend to join you in review “gamification”, and have fun in this tried and tested reviewing technique.


Laptop. The digital age calls for an effective digital tool – and what is better than a laptop? Some will tell you a tablet\iPad will suffice, but I’ve got to tell you - it won’t. Some may be frugal enough and will avail the free access to school\college or university resources, but try having your own and you will see the convenience that can make this investment worthwhile.



Printer. If your dorm is on campus, you won’t have to bring your printer as you can just print from a computer lab nearby. It’s different if you live outside campus though, having your personal printer may come in handy. If you can’t bring your family’s printer with you, buy one that works well and fits your budget.


Pens/pencils. You will still need pens and pencils. Black, blue, and red pens are the essentials but you can also add your colorful pen collection, and don’t forget a pencil (so you can doodle all you want).


Printer paper. With or without your personal printer, this is a must-have. Stock up a pack of letter size, a pack of legal size, and you can also add a pack of an A4. You’ll see how quickly you’ll run out of these in college.


Bedding. Bring your favorite bed sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter so you’ll always feel closer to home.


Pillows. A heavy head caused by extensive studying deserves a gratefully soft pillow, bring one or two for extra comfort.



Blanket/Throws. Your dorm air conditioning systems might be unpleasantly, unreasonably cold, so don’t forget to bring a blanket.


Mattress Covers. This is not in the boundary of being a neat freak but we don’t know what adventures your dorm mattress has gone through before you moved in, so it’s better to make sure it is satisfactorily clean and cover it with your mattress covers.


Mattress Topper. Expect that your dorm mattress won’t be as exquisitely soft as yours at home, so you can either accept it as it is or you can improve it by adding an exquisitely soft mattress topper to balance the equation.



Reading Lamp. From now on, you are going to use a reading lamp each night to catch up with your homework so your roommate can enjoy a well-dimmed room for a good night’s sleep.


External Monitor. 2 monitor setup isn’t too much for a study desk if you would ask me. I find it very, very helpful in my productivity and multi-tasking – just keep in mind to multi-task on school-related activities and to not be tempted to throw up on online movie streaming on the other monitor.


Calendar. We are now reliant on digital calendars like Google calendar, PC time, and date, and we also have calendars on our phones but you might still find a paper calendar or a planner equally essential.


Good Quality Headphone. Same as the concept of a night lamp, we also don’t want to bother our roommates with distracting sound or music so good quality headphones make it possible for you to enjoy your needed time out, just keeping that good music all to yourself so your roommate can sleep soundly.


Sleep Mask. If in case you can’t sleep with lights on and your roommate is desperately studying and staying up ‘til 3 AM, you’ll find a sleep mask a good life hack… you can also sleep in the daytime if you’ve got a chance to catch up on your sleep from an all-nighter.



Electric Kettle. For boiling water to make tea, coffee, hot cocoa, oatmeal, or instant ramen. A game-changer.


Microwave Safe Food Containers. Another game-changer is reheating your leftovers – an efficient way to save time and money. You need to lengthen the freshness of your food throughout the week so you’ve got to have microwave-safe food containers. Don’t put up with frozen goodies, eat warm and tummy-friendly quick meals.


Cookware\Pots & Pans. Pizza is always a good idea, but you’ve got to cook for yourself too.


Dinnerware. It’s time to be more conscious of wastes. Instead of eating off paper plates, invest in dinnerware since you’ll be using it for years in college, it will be worthwhile.


Cutlery. Same with the case with dinnerware. Eating with your hands is fun, but bruh comes on.



Microwave. Check with your dorm first if there is a microwave for common use, or that you could rent, or maybe your going-to-be-roommate is bringing one already and you could share. Reheat your leftovers or stock up microwaveable foods that will save you during those dreaded exam weeks.  


Baking Trays. Another life hack here, bring a baking tray with you so you could prepare small portions of food you can eat on the go – bake, roast, or toast just about anything that comes to mind.


Dish Towels. Yes, paper towels might be more convenient but dish towels are far more superior in drying dishes, cleaning heavier spills, and wiping in general. And again, it’s for reducing waste too.


Towel and Washcloth Set. Yep, you’ve got to have this your whole life so bring these with you.


Shower Flip Flops. Who says flip flops are just for beach? Not being too much of a neat freak but it’s better to wear flip flops in showers too.


Shower Caddy\Wash Bag. For money-saving purposes too, so you won’t have to buy a bottle of shampoo more frequently – you will have your bottle all to yourself, no one shall “borrow” in the communal showers.



First Aid Kit. You’re away from home so it’s best to have a first aid kit with you. Have some basic first aid supplies on hand wherever you go.


Of course, this list is what students usually need in general but for every academic track, there are special necessary items as well so don’t forget to check on those too. And you know what? The best advice that we could give you is: Go visit Temango.com to grab our back-to-school best deals and discounts on your school essentials.



Ready for college? We know you’ve got this!