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The Smart Water Bottle is an innovative and award-winning product designed to enhance your hydration experience. With its cutting-edge features and sustainable design, it offers a convenient and eco-conscious solution for staying hydrated on the go.

Red Dot Design Award Winner:

In recognition of its exceptional design and functionality, the Smart Bottle received the prestigious 2020 Red Dot Design Award. This accolade highlights the product’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Smart Water Bottle Features:

1. Built-in UV Sterilization:

  • Kills 99.9% of Bacteria: The Smart Bottle utilizes UV-C light to sterilize the interior, eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses within minutes. This feature ensures a clean and hygienic drinking experience.

2. Hydration Reminders:

  • Stay on Track: The integrated hydration reminder system helps you maintain optimal hydration levels throughout the day. The Smart Bottle blinks every 2 hours as a gentle reminder to drink water, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

3. Temperature Range Indicator:

  • Convenient Temperature Check: By tapping the lid once, you can easily check the temperature range of your favorite beverage. This feature allows you to enjoy your drink at the desired temperature, whether it’s hot or cold.

4. Rechargeable Lithium Battery:

  • Long-Lasting Power: The Smart Bottle comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts an average of one month. Even with daily UV sterilization, the battery can support your hydration needs without frequent recharging.

5. Touch-Responsive Lid:

  • Easy to Use: The lid of the Smart Bottle is touch-responsive, providing a user-friendly interface. This intuitive design allows for effortless operation and enhances the overall user experience.

6. 12-24 Hour Insulation:

  • Extended Temperature Retention: With its vacuum-insulated 316 stainless steel construction, the Smart Bottle can keep your beverages hot or cold for an extended period. Enjoy your preferred temperature throughout the day, wherever you go.

Smart Water Bottle Specifications:

  • Capacity: Available in 16oz/12oz sizes
  • Vacuum Insulated 316 Stainless Steel Bottle: Ensures optimal temperature retention for your beverages.
  • Food Grade BPA-Free Plastic Anti-Leak Lid: Provides secure and leak-proof closure for worry-free transportation.
  • Fits Standard Cup Holder Size: Conveniently fits into most cup holders, making it suitable for travel and commuting.
  • Dishwasher Safe Bottle: The bottle can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher, ensuring easy maintenance. The lid should be hand-washed.
  • 1 Month Average Battery Life: With one UV sterilization per day, the battery lasts for approximately one month.
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable: Recharging the Smart Bottle is effortless thanks to the included magnetic USB charging cable.

App Integration:

  • Hydration Tracking & Reminders: The Smart Bottle connects to a dedicated app that allows you to track your hydration progress and receive personalized water intake recommendations.
  • Syncs to Apple Health: Seamlessly integrates with Apple Health to consolidate your health data and provide comprehensive insights.
  • Set Daily Hydration Goal: Set and monitor your daily hydration goal to ensure you meet your water intake targets.
  • Manual Beverage Consumption Tracking: Keep a record of your beverage consumption manually within the app.
  • Hydration Reminders: Set reminders to drink water at specific intervals to maintain optimal hydration levels.

Choose to Reuse:

  • Sustainable Solution: The Smart Bottle promotes eco-consciousness by reducing single-use plastic bottle pollution.
  • Durable Materials: Made from high-quality materials, the Smart Bottle ensures long-term usage and durability, minimizing the need for replacements.

The Smart Bottle revolutionizes the way you stay hydrated, offering a range of intelligent features and a sustainable design. With its built-in UV sterilization, hydration reminders, temperature range indicator, and long-lasting battery, it’s the ideal companion for a healthier, more hydrated life. Embrace this innovative solution and contribute to a more sustainable future while enjoying the benefits of optimal hydration.

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16oz, 12oz

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Black, Pink, Blue, Red, White

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