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Silver Cambodia Tapestry Throw


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The Silver Cambodia Tapestry Throw we present here is a remarkable piece, meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Its softness comes from the use of super organic cotton, woven on a traditional handloom. This throw is not only a cozy addition to your space but also an eye-catching element, thanks to its bold texture. Whether draped at the end of a bed or used for snuggling on the sofa, it is sure to enhance your home decor. Let’s explore the features and qualities of this exquisite throw.

Silver Cambodia Tapestry Throw Design and Features:

1. Material:

  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Ensures a soft and comfortable feel

2. Measurements:

  • Length: 90″
  • Width: 38″
  • Includes hand-knotted fringe for added elegance

3. Color:

  • Silver gray with black accents
  • Creates a sophisticated and stylish look

4. Pattern and Detailing:

  • Features a delicate flower-like pattern with intermittent stripes
  • Thin chevron detailed edge adds a touch of elegance
  • Hand-knotted fringe ends for a decorative finish

5. Conversation Piece:

  • Adds an interesting and unique element to your home decor
  • Sure to spark conversations and admiration from guests

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash cold for proper maintenance and longevity

Artisan Profile: Empowering Sustainable Weaving Cooperative in Cambodia

Location: Takeo Province, Cambodia

1. Social Entrepreneurship:

  • Belief in the power of social entrepreneurship to empower individuals and communities
  • Focuses on identifying and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs

2. Mentorship and Training:

  • Provides knowledge, mentorship, and training to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Equips them with skills and guidance to establish sustainable micro businesses

3. Interest-Free Seed Capital:

  • Offers interest-free seed capital to help entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses
  • Enables them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and create positive change

4. Ripple Effect of Positive Impact:

  • Successful entrepreneurs become mentors themselves, inspiring others in the community
  • Creates a ripple effect of sustainable and scalable positive impact

5. Alleviating Poverty and Improving Lives:

  • Entrepreneurs take responsibility for their future and the well-being of their families
  • Helps alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life in their communities

This Silver Cambodia Tapestry Throw is not only a luxurious addition to your home but also represents a story of empowerment and positive change. Its intricate design, made with care and skill, showcases the talent of artisans from a sustainable weaving cooperative in Cambodia. By investing in social entrepreneurship and supporting micro businesses, this cooperative aims to create a brighter future for individuals and communities, one village at a time.

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Silver Cambodia Tapestry Throw