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The Gentleman’s Set – Cigar Aficionado


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Cigars are renowned for being excellent companions to various spirits, including Scotch Whiskey and Cognac. When paired together, they create a harmonious combination that enhances the overall enjoyment of both the cigar and the drink. Additionally, cocktails that incorporate these spirits also make fantastic choices to accompany a good smoke.

Preserving the True Taste of Spirits

To ensure the integrity of the spirits’ flavors, round whiskey stones are a preferred option over traditional melting ice cubes. These stones effectively cool your drink without diluting it, allowing you to savor the true essence and complexity of the spirits. By avoiding the dilution that occurs with melting ice, you can experience the full range of flavors that the spirits have to offer.

Handcrafted Excellence Cigar

The minimalist and solid granite ashtray featured in this collection is a testament to meticulous hand craftsmanship. Each ashtray is carefully crafted, resulting in a distinctive and unexpected piece. The rarity and uniqueness of this ashtray further add to its allure, making it a prized possession for cigar enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Ultimate Combination

By combining the best elements of whiskey-tasting and cigar-smoking experiences, this collection offers an unmatched opportunity for indulgence. The careful selection of spirits and the artistry of cigar smoking come together to create an extraordinary sensory experience. This collection is designed to be cherished for a lifetime, representing the perfect marriage of elegance, sophistication, and enjoyment.

Cigar Highlights:

    • Excellent companions to spirits like Scotch Whiskey and Cognac
    • Cocktails featuring these spirits also make great choices for cigar enthusiasts
    • Round whiskey stones cool drinks without dilution, preserving the true taste of spirits
    • Meticulously handcrafted granite ashtray adds a distinctive and rare touch
    • The collection combines the best in whiskey-tasting and cigar-smoking experiences
    • Designed to be treasured for a lifetime, representing elegance and sophistication.


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The Gentleman’s Set – Cigar Aficionado